165_Page 163Tuesday. 9.th. May. 1843.

A pleasant day, but warm for walking.
I set off to transact business this morning, but did not accomplish all I wished. Went to a corset store, and was measured for Two pair corsets, something to make my figure straiter.
Mrs Bloodgood took great pains to improve my defects both by vows, and deeds. I returned home much fatigued, almost ready to drop in the street. Went to bed on my arrival home, and slept an hour. Dined at three. and alone, Mr H. does
not dine at home, so I care little for my dinner.
Sat down to sew and was surprised by the arrival of the “Dr, and Miss Wicks” his intended. Could not receive her cordially as Mr H. has filled my mind, with dislikes, and doubts.
There is nothing frank, or ingenious, her countenance is not indicative of a great soul, but bespeaks little things. But as she is under our roof, we must treat her well for the Dr’s
sake. G. very stiff all the evening, I could not make things smooth, do as I would.
My situation is not at all enviable. I felt unwell to.night, and distressed.