167_Page 165Friday. 12. th. May. 1843.
Beautiful day quite summer weather.

Mr H. took Remsen to Mr Anellis I followed
to escort him home. G. went with me to Mrs Hassel’s. I selected a neopolitan bonnet, trimmed with white and a veil of worked bobinet. price 17.d.
Took an Omnibus, and rode up to Chelsea, sat an hour with mother. Called on Mrs Woodruff, did not see her. Rode home with Remsen, who would not walk a step. Went on the Battery after dinner, called on Bell, she was from home. Julie, and I crawled home from “prince St”, much fatigued. Maria, and Eugene, took tea with us.  The moon shone brightly to night.


Saturday. 13. tenth. May. 1843.
Cool, an appearance of rain.

I went down to Mrs Woodwerd to get my
corsets, they did not suit. Called again at five o’clock.
She sent them home in the evening. A grass shirt also.
Her bill 13.$.
Went with Helen to purchase a shirred bonnet.
She went with the Dr to the Museum.


Sunday. 14. May. 1843.
Very warm weather.
We all went to Mr Fishers churn.
I did not go out again, slept in the afternoon, the
heat overcame me entirely.