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168_Page 166[Helen is Helen Maria Wickes, future wife of Dr. Jacob Hasbrouck (1807-1891),Garret’s brother. The Dr. has brought Helen to stay with Julia and Garret in NYC to be refined. The Dr. would like her to be educated at Mrs. O’kill’s school. Helen is 18 years younger than the Dr. You can certainly infer Julia’s attitude about the marriage and the intrusion on her family]    ~Susan

Monday. 15. May. 1843.
Extremely warm, the warmest day known in years
at this season.

I went to Mr Anellis with Louis and Julie. Met Susan
Rhind. The children did not sit well, Mrs A gave
us lemonade and cake which disturbed their tranquility. Dressed at eleven oclock to accompany Helene to school. We rode up in two stages, suffering from the intense heat.
Mrs O. received us kindly, and kissed Julie for old times and her grandmother’s sake. She begged Helene to come up on Tuesday as she had not arranged for her yet.
Helene returned home displeased, I presume.
The Dr left us after dinner, he also was displeased,
haveing misconstrued a remark which I innocently made at dinner. So after worrying, adviseing, and striving to please all; all hands were out of sorts and poor I the victim of ingratitude.
My rest to night was miserable, and I arose at
five oclock to calm, if possible my mind.
G. too found fault with me “the unkindest cut of all”
so much for good intentions, and interesting oneself
in other peoples affairs.


Tuesday. 16. tenth.
Still very warm, and debilitateing.
Miss W. [Helen] went to school with Bridget.
Came home evidently displeased and unwilling to go again.
So i thought it best to break her engagement and let her
follow her own inclinations.
A person who wishes to improve will not suffer
slight obsticals [sic] to defer their pursuit of knowledge, but on the contrary rise
superior to the common hinderances of life.