171_Page 169Sunday. 21. st. May. 1843.
Cool, and pleasant.
Mr H. did not arise this morning his strength was completely prostrated.  I went with Miss Wicks to St John’s Church. Dr Wainright, reads beautifully, and gave us a good discourse on “controlling the thoughts of our hearts.
The sexton informed me there were no pews to rent in the Church. Julie, went with H. in the afternoon.
I went to bed, and slept two hours from weakness. Mr H. walked out with the boys. Louis met with an accident, pulling a heavy ladder on his leg bruising it very much. Fortunately it did not break his bones.


Monday. 22. nd. May. 1843.
The sky full of clouds, threatening rain.
Rain is much needed in the country
and the dust blew in a shower this morning
through our streets.
Had the third story swept and had the windows washed
Did not send Louis to school.
Mr H. came home at twelve o’clock and went to bed, he
was overcome by fatigue, haveing worked very hard last week.
After dinner, I took the children down to the store
to get new straw hats.
Was in the new store for the first time, think it dull, and
dark. Selected three, I mean five hats to divide among
the children. We all walked home, and had a fatiguing
journey, Mr H. came with us. Purchased a tin basin, or
pan on our route home.
Miss W, homesick to.day. Mr Metz did not come to give her
a lesson. Almost four dollars from G. to.day.