172_Page 170Tuesday. 23. d May. 1843.
A beautiful cool day. Rain has fallen in
the night, cooling the air and settling the dust.
We all jumped up fresh this morning.
Louis went to Mr Anelli’s, with his father to sit an
hour. Bridge, and Julie, called for him and rode up to school.
Simon, washed my bed.room windows.
My father called; H. calls him an agreable man.
A friend spent to morning with Miss W. My parlours
are not my own at present. I do not like the present state of affairs; – they will probably please me less as the heat becomes greater. Bought a purse this morning 2 shill. 6 d. Box. 1.shill.
I went with Miss W. to call on Mr Metz; he apologized  for not comeing, was sick, and intended playing at a concert. H. is almost discouraged, her lessons are so long comeing.


Wednesday. 24. th. May. 1843.

A fine day, quite cool.
The parlour windows washed to.day.
I went out to look for Julie’s basket, and Louis bag.
The wind blew, and I returned home.
Met Sarah Baily, she told me of Mary L.’s sickness at
Geneva. Julie, Helen, and I went to the store after
dinner. We rode down. Mr H. gave me one piece of satin
stripped muslin white for a dress. Helen took a dress
cuff band. Bought Julie a basket and doll 50.cts. 6.d.
A carpet bag for Louis 1.$ We were very much fatigued
when we arrived home.
Mr and Mrs Newby spent an hour with me.
Mr H. came home late. Dined at a refectory(1).

(1)A refectory is a dining room, especially in monasteries, boarding schools, and academic institutions.