173_Page 171Thursday. 25. th. May. 1843.
A delightful day, just warm enough
for “comfort.

I took Julie, to Mr Anelli’s. She did not
sit very well; was restless and anxious to get to school.They rode up with Bridget.
My time was much occupied all the morning sewing.
Helen, went to her music lesson alone took Louis with her. I went up to see Catherine Shanly, she as not at home. Isabella, and Ferdinand took tea with us. I could not get tea early.

Friday. 26. th. May. 1843.
Damp, overcast sky. Rain threatening.
I could scarcely open my eyes this morning
sleep was so sweet.  Mr H. took Remsen to Mr Anelli’s. I called for him, sat half an hour with Mrs Anelli. Henry, sat the morning with us, was very agreeable.


I had a serious conversation with Bridget, she often requires correction in her duties, not performing them punctually; and dislikes to be spoken too [sic] on the subject.

__________ 5$ from Mr H. to.day.
Sent an apology to Mrs Anelli, I had engaged to meet
her at the “menagerie“, with all the children. The damp
weather, prevented our going.
We spent our evening at home alone.
I discovered that Louis had deceived me about the apple it gave
me a great shock. I must correct this dreadfull fault.
Garret, came home late, went to bed early, Ate his supper.
I was so much interested in Home, as to be unable to
put the book aside. It speaks to the heart of a mother.