174_Page 172Saturday.27. th May. 1843.
A cold rain set in before day.break.
It will be very acceptable to farmers and the country.
The morning bell rings more punctually than usual, but my eyes to not open with more readiness. Rain, keeps us all quiet to.day.
I finished my interesting book, with many tears, attribute to the beauty and purity of its influence on my soul.
The character of Elise all mothers should study.
The death bed of her summer child Hermie” destroys the terrors of the grave. The moral tendency of the whole book, will elevate, and cheer the discontented, and weary pilgrim of life.  The children enjoy their holiday, and are romping  at a fine rate. Julie, dresses her doll in silence.
Helen, cannot get her music lesson, and despairs of success.
I cheer her as well as I can; and show her the lesson; not
wishing her attempts to fail. Fear, success will not smile.
A fire in our basement room nesscessary [sic]; the air
is chilly and damp.
I sit in my room to be quite; a noise disturbs me;
and Remsen will not allow me to sew in his presence.
Radishes the ton at present. Mr H. purchased to.night
2 lbs black Tea-2lbs Green tea. 5 gallons port wine, 5 gallons sherry.
2.boxes soap. Apples. ____ Pine apples. Oranges.

Sunday. 28. th. May. 1843.
Cool, and pleasant. The clouds rather threatening.
Julie, went to church with me. Mr Fisher gave
us a sermon from “Job” “Tho he slay me, yet will I trust in him”.
Louis, escorted Miss Wicks, to St John’s Church, and behaved him
self well. We had oranges for dessert, they disagreed with me,
I slept two hours after dinner. Helen, went alone to Church.
Mr H. kept within doors, not haveing his new coat.