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Monday.29.th. May. 1843.

Raining; Storm returns to us once more.

The dark morning made us all late to.day;
Disarrangeing all our plans. Visits, school, expected friends, all set aside by the unexpected rain.  The children do not rejoice in holiday; but would willingly go up to school.
Miss W. [Helen] looking for the Dr to.day. I cut up a pine apple, and sugared it for dessert.


Commenced, on a new bottle of Balsam,
I have already taken five bottles; and begin to see a change for the better; still nothing surprising; so far.
One bottle sarsaparilla, must be added also, to my bill of fare.
Dieting, probably would facilitate the cure.


The rain held up after dinner. Helen set off alone to take her mu-
sic lesson. Julie, was dressed to accompany her, but I discovered
an eruption on her face and kept her at home.

Mr H. spent his evening from home. I do not like this arrangement.


Tuesday. 30. th. May. 1843.

A cool day, the clouds very uncertain in their movements.

I went up to Chelsea, with Helen to return her visit.
Found the house in an uproar, cleaning and painting.
Catherine; in bed as usual. Miss Burgoyne, and Bell, came in
they had called here, at home; I mean on their way up.
We returned home at one oclock.
The Boys hats came home, 21.shillings, for the five.
Band box. 25 cts. Called at Mrs Bloodgood’s to.day.
I took a short walk, purchased two dimity bands 2 shill. 6.d.
Blue gimp. 18 pence. Julie, took “Salts, and Lemon”, to.day.