176_Page  174Wednesday. 31. st. May. 1843.
A cool, day, almost winter. The Dr arrived alone this morning to Helen’s great relief. A fire actually nesscessary [sic] for comfort; Another Arrival, also this morning, not Maria H. I sent for cake at Mrs Sayrs. 50. cts.
An invitation to Maria L. and Mary Remsen. They came socially to tea. The Miss Onderdonks, did not come, altho I wrote a note to them.
Mr Osborne, and Eugene, spent the evening. Mr O. admired our paintings. I did not feel well to.day, was chilly and dull. Mr H. brought up some muslins to night, for me to choose from. We all went late to bed.

Thursday.1. st. of June. 1843.

The first day of summer, cold as Autumn.
Peculiar weather for the season.

We all set out for Mr Anelli’s.Mr H. took
the three children. Miss Wickes and I went up
for them; and brought Mrs Anelli, home with us to pass the morning.
Julie, has not been to school this week. The nettle. rash
has left her face to.day. She behaves very ill, and requires
correction constantly. I was compelled to punish
both Remsen, and her this morning.
The Dr, brought his carpenter to dine with us.
Mrs Aneli, did not dine with us, but returned home.
I selected two muslins, this morning, do not like either of them.
Have kept close in the chimney corner to.day.
It is so cold, and wintery.