177_Page  175Friday.2.nd. of June. 1843.
Cool atmosphere, but more agreable [sic]

The Dr took an early breakfast this morning,
but was a few moments too late for the Boat. Miss W. poured out his coffee. I did not feel very well, but thought of riding up to “twentieth street” with Helen, and calling to Chelsea.
The Dr, arrival at home, altered our arrangements, he took Helen, on the Battery and in Castle Garden.castle garden
Catherine, dined with us; Eugene took tea, and Maria called. Mrs Rhind, made me a call, she has grown thin, and looks old; and feeble. I was glad to see her, as she is a fine woman. Our guests all left before tea, except for Eugene. Mrs W. was much fatigued and I felt extremely weary. put my feet in warm water and went early to rest.
The Dr, left at five o’clock.

Saturday. 3. rd. of June 1843.

The morning clouded, mild and damp. We all overslept ourselves this morning. Julie, went to see M. Anelli s with her father.
I brought her home. Mr A. could not get the correct outlines, or expression for her face. She is difficult to sketch. A heavy shower, thunder, and lightening, at one clock. Mr H. did not get home to his dinner.

The children unruly to.day, I am obliged to correct them
occasionally. Miss W. complaining and dull to.day.
Ellen made some drop cake this morning.
I took a warm bath at home, feel much refreshed.
Finishing Julie, pantalets.


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