178_Page  176Sunday. 4. th. of June. 1843.
Cool, pleasant day.

I awoke this morning quite indisposed from cold. My chest rather sore.  Did not go out to.day. Mr H. remained at home also; much to my regret. Julie, went to Saint Johns with Miss Wickes. An agreable [sic] impression, this afternoon of the past, and present. [Melliresls] “Bible thoughts” interested me much to.day. They are beautifully expressed.

Monday. 5. th of June. 1843.
Excessively warm. The most oppressive heat
we have experienced this season.
A heavy shower in the night.
Julie sat an hour at Mr Anellis
then went up to school, with Louis.
My cold better to.day Miss W. went to her music
lessons this afternoon.
Dressed Louis, and Julie in their thin summers clothes
to.day. They came into dinner much heated.
Mr H. dined at home.
I sat sewing all day; altering the children’s clothes.
Julie, paid a visit to Mrs Ruton, our next door
neighbour; was delighted with her visit.
A bundle of muslins from the store to.night.
China blue for the children; and Miss Hasbrouck senior.