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179_Page  177Tuesday.6. th. of. June. 1843.

A warm day, showers at intervals.
No Maria, this morning.
Children, went off to school between the showers.
I went to my daily work.
Eugene, brought a note from C. informing me of a visit. intended me by Mrs Henry Varick. on Friday.
My cold almost well, but my other com-
plaint as usual. How mortifying to ones vanity!!!!!!!

Wednesday.7. th. June. 1843.
A cool, pleasant day, after the showers of yesterday.
Helen, and I dressed early to pay a visit to
20.th. street. Henry, and Maria, came in. We all set off to call on Mrs H. Varick, she was not at home; left our cards.
Rode up to 20.th.st. called on Miss Brush, at M. Moses.
Sat an hour with mother; presented her dark muslin dress.
We rode home to dinner.
Mr H. went up the river to Milton. Gave me 5.$.

Thursday. 8th. June. 1843.
A day of showers.
Miss Hasbrouck arrived this morning.
Miss Wicks, was sick in bed, with a swelled throat.
My chest was very delicate to.day, we had both taken cold
on our ride yesterday. Mr H. returned home at five in
the afternoon.
A large fire above us to night.
Mrs H. Varick, and brother called in to night, signified her
intention of spending to.morrow with me.