180_Page  178Friday.9.th. of June. 1843.
Extremely warm to.day. Thermometer stood at
95 in the shade.

This was a busy day for me, and at
night I went to bed perfectly exhausted.
Mrs Varick, and baby, came in early, much sooner then I expected, indeed before I was dressed. Housekeeping affairs had kept me busy all the morning. Poor Bridget had to run her legs almost off. Our house to.day resembled a hotel. So many rings, and unexpected arrivals.
Mr and Mrs L Hasbrouck, came in, but did not remain altho! I invited them. Dr Isaac and wife arrived soon after, and remained with us all night. Eugene, came in to dinner, Maria also.
Catherine took tea with us; Mr Shepard spent the afternoon.
The Dr arrived very unexpectedly to us all; and quite
to the relief of Miss W. who in despite of sore throat
sang and made herself quite agreable [sic].
We all suffered terribly from the heat, as it came
upon us so unexpectedly; every one looked, and felt
uncomfortably comfortable.
The day wore away, and was succeeded by a lovely
moonlight evening quite refreshing to our drooping
spirits. Mrs Varick, has a sweet babe, and was
very agreable [sic] indeed.
Mrs H. in despite of heat, and fatigue was cheerful
adding her powers of pleasing to the circle at large.
The ladies, and gentleman amused themselves as
much as possible, with music, and cigars.
Mother, not well enough to come down to meet
Alida, as she promised. Rheumatism prevented her.
I sent her a particular invitation.