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181_Page  179Saturday. 10. th. June. 1843.
Still warmer, than yesterday.
I put my house in order, and sat quietly
down to my work. What a luxury is quite, and solitude!!
The Dr took Helen to Niblo’s. I went up to Millers with Julie, purchased light bedskirt.
Belts for the boys. 50. cts.
Mr H. did not go to the store untill near night.
The heat overcomes him very much; not so with Miss H. who has been on the ____ rise all day.
G. and I arose at five, to give breakfast to Mr & Mrs H.who left us for six o’clock for Marbletown.


Sunday.11. June. 1843.

Rain, rain, rain, succeeded a close warm morning.
We all remained from Church to.day. I prepared to go
but was prevented, by a heavy shower.
The lovers enjoyed this day it was a halcyon (1).
I kept my room, and endeavored to improve the
season of retirement. The children rather unruly to.day.


Monday. 12. th. June. 1843.
A fine cool day just agreable [sic] to my taste.John_Tyler
The president Mr Tyler, arrives in N.Y. to.day.
The whole city will escort him on the procession, which is now takeing place. Miss H. Helen. Mr H. and the children, have gone to Mr Anelli’s to look on the affair.  I remain at home, fearing to expose myself, being rather delicate the past two weeks.
Remsen, sat to Mr A. this morning. Maria, and I called for him, and went up to see Mr Parmaly.
Mr P. squeezed me, and whispered he had a present for Miss C. We dined early, and Mr Hasbrouck, escorted the three Children, Maria H and Miss Wicks, to Mr Anelli’s, where they remained four, or five hours, getting at last only a glimpse of the President Mr Tyler.
I remained at home, delighted with solitude
They all returned to a late supper, and retired to bed.
The moon was full to night, a glorious evening.

(1) Halcyon: Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.