182_Page  180Tuesday. 13. teenth of June. 1843.
Very cool, and agreable [sic]. Fire in our basement.
Louis, Julie, and Remsen, sick with cold.
Their father gave each of them oil.
Mrs Bloodgood, came for my dresses.
I went up to Mr Parmly’s with Maria.
She had all her teeth extracted, and bore it like a heroine.
It was a painfull operation, and leaves her mouth sore.
On my return found the children asleep in bed.
Julie’s cold very severe. Her head much affected.
A present from Mr E. Parmly (1) to Catharine, a book of his poems, on the death of three children.
I read them after our return home; they evince more parental affection, than talent.

Mr Hasbrouck, begins to complain of chills, a sure forerunner
of the Influenza. This epidemic attacks every one, and is
often fatal in its affects. We have all breathed the infection,
and will be compelled to await the results; which I trust
will be light.