184_Page  182Catherine, came to spend the day with us, she is quite well with this hot weather. Mother, Pa and Henry are all complaining of colds. Eugene is in the country. Maria at Newark makeing a visit, and the house still in confusion from the tardiness of painters.
Maria H. came down to C. and we all spent a pleasant day together. The heat was excessive, my needle rusted so much I could not sew.
At six o clock we set off for Mr Anneli s, his room was like an oven, so warm. Mrs A. was sick with a cold. The light was not good for the childrens picture, and C could not pronounce it good. She took a stage and rode home. I poured out tea and then went to bed, almost sick from heat, and

Mr Wallace, sent me two bottles of Balsam, and a
wash for my face. The eruption has been better the past three weeks.