185_Page 183Saturday.24. th. of June. 1843.
The heat so great, as to throw even yesterday in the shade.

I could not go out, sew, or do any with spirit to.day. The heat withers me up.  Little Remsen, slept a long nap on my bed, he does not feel well to.day.
The children went in a tub to wash, and were delighted with the bath. I scrub myself daily.
Maria, much better to.day, She does not mind heat; and seems quite in spirits.
I presented Helen a “Journal”.  G. very distrait, and uncongenial in his deportment; I have double duty to perform, to make all things go smooth, and sometimes despair of obtaining the object. My strict sense of duty, teaches me to make those happy who are entrusted to my care; particularly
the young, and unoffending  Amiability goes farther than shewy [sic] virtues,
and the new member of our family certainly possess this charm