186_Page 184Tuesday.27. June. 1843.
A burning sun to.day.
Rain much needed to refresh the grass,
which is almost burnt up in the yard.
I walked out with Maria H. and Helen, to select a muslin for M. returned home much heated. The Miss Onderdonks called to see me.
I went to Mrs Hassells, and purchased a shirred
bonnet. Five $. Have felt the heat excessive to.day. could do nothing but read the “Neighbors (1)” a most refreshing work. A beautiful addition to our library to.day. I shall be compelled to give up my boudoir, to these new comers.
A reconciliation to night Life is indeed sunshine, and
storm, but it is our own faults if the storms continues  too long.


(1) Grannarna, 1837, transl. by Mary Howitt as The neighbours: a story of every-day life; in two volumes, 1842