188_Page 186Sunday. 2nd. of July. 1843.
This day, or rather the early part of it must be recorded as the hottest of the season. Indeed many years have passed since such a day [can] be remembered. Thermometer. 98o in the shade.
To stir was impossible, so we all kept
ourselves as cool as circumstances would permit.
I took possession of the parlors in my loose gown, and slept on the sofa’s alternately. Could not read, or fix my mind on any thing two minutes together.
Mr H. read aloud “Patrick Henry’s life by Wirts (1), wirtand kept undisputed possession of the second storey [sic]. The girls were in the third story, and the children went listlessly from room to room
At five oclock the clouds blackened, and a
severe gust of wind swept all before it. If fortunately terminated in a gentle rain which refreshed both mother Earth, and her poor, half suffocated children.
(1) Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry
by William Wirt, published in 1840.