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189_Page 187Monday. 3. d. of July. 1843.
Cool, and pleasant. A great change
From the burning heat of the past ten days.

We are all shineing this morning
in the pure atmosphere; but a few hours sun.shine will make it all just right for comfort. We all feel like new creatures, I at least can speak for myself.

Mr Anelli, brought home “the group” to.day.
The picture arrived at eight o clock this morning, and the hanging execution and so forth discussed pro & con.  I think it might have been more true to
life, and coloured more brightly, but still there is
enough beauty to satisfy any mother as they are generally speaking more as amateurs, than connoisseurs.
I walked out with the children; went to
the dressmakers, to order a “white loose dress made.”
A pink lawn also for Julie.
Pa, paid me a visits, the children all behaved
unruly, and I was obliged to punish them all.
I must commence a strict course of justice with
each one, as they annoy me terribly, by bad conduct.
Met “Mon marie,” we joked over a serious subject, I
hope it is all a joke.
Mr H. came up from the store early, he [looks] miserably,
and went to bed for sleep.
Reprimanded Simon for carelessness in breaking
a pitcher this morning. He went out and replaced it.
G. gave him some useful advice on the subject; of
carelessness. Servants require the rod as well as
children, poor vices get their full share.
After dinner, I walked down Broadway with Mr H. to look
for a muslin dress. He selected two for me of different style
and brought them up with him at tea.time.
Orange and brown muslin, & wood colored Balzarine (1)