190_Page 188Tuesday. 4. th. of July. 1843. 57 Van Dam St. N.Y.

A glorious day for this glorious celebration. Providence truly smiles on our young Republic; makeing even nature sufficient to her pleasure. The noise of cannons, awoke me at an early hour this morning, I could not rest well from too much fatigue, with my shopping the day previous. The weather very cool, quite chilly at seven A.M. Mr H. set off a bunch of crackers, and then took the three young patriots to see the celebration. Poor Helen was quite in despair, “no balm in Gilead , no physician here. “ Maria treated me to some nice cherries. I sat down to my work basket as usual. The procession was quite small and Broadway quite deserted, Mr H. read Patrick Henrys Life aloud; I took a short nap, lulled by Mr Wirts eloquent description. Mr and Mrs Tones are opposite neighbours, called to see us. Their first Call. Maria, and Eugene took tea with us. We had a find display with fireworks this evening, to please the children, quite a crowd collected around to hurra!! The air was so cool, I was obliged to keep in the house; A great change since Sunday. Louis, hurt a little girl in the neighbour hood. Her mother brought her in, to complain of his mischievous tricks.