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191_Page 189Wednesday. 5. th. July. 1843.

Very cool morning, Showers all around. Rain fell at noon for one hour. The children went to school again this morning. I set off for Mrs Woodward’s in Broadway, rode down, but walked up. Had my brown muslin cut out, think it will fit well, as she took great pains to fit me. To be finished on Saturday. Corsets also. Came home just in time to escape a shower. Met Matilda Remsen, who has just returned from [Coraleas]. Did not stop to speak.

Thursday.6.th. of July 1843.

Fine cool autumnal day. The Dr arrived this morning, half sick with Influenza. Garret, Julie, Helen the Dr; and myself went to Niblo’s in the evening; saw the Ravels , and were much amused. Mr H. punished Louis, for a bad habit he has of striking children in the street. I walked out, and purchased some black lace to trim my muslin dress, also a Fan at [Bonfaulis], 50 cts. Met the Dr and Garret joined them on my walk home. Asa Snyder, and sister called here this evening, Maria, was at home to receive them. The moon shone beautifully to night. I must record the good effects of “The Indian Balsam,” My complaint seems almost remedied.