192_Page 190Friday.7.th. of July. 1843.

A cool day, somewhat cloudy. I jumped up briskly enough this morning, as my health seems quite improved this spring, no desire for more sleep or longer naps. The children went off to school, in the big omnibus before eight o clock. I devoted this morning to arrangements of house.hold affairs; mending old rents, and so forth. Stole a short nap; after my wash, then ran down stairs to sweeten my Respleines. Invited Mrs Snyder to tea, she accepts for to.morrow. The Lovers come on [houly] ; but follow fashions of their own. Louis, describes them to the life. G. s refinement considerably shocked ; but I can make due allowances for young folks. Saturday.

8.th. July. 1843.

An agreable [sic] summers day. Maria H. took Julie to spend the day with her grandmother. Eugene, took dinner with us. In the afternoon I proposed a jaunt to Hoboken, Miss Snyder & brother, Dr, and Helen, Maria, Eugene, and Louis composed the party. The quiet of home was charming to me once more. I walked with Garret, by moonlight, and had a chat with Ginoche and wife; on the merits of a silver tea set.


Sunday.9.th. July. 1843.

Quite warm again. We all remained quite at home, my conscience urged me to attend church, as if was communion Sabbath but heat, and weakness prevented me. Mr H. would read aloud Dr Franklin’s Life.