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193_Page 191Monday. 10. th. July. 1843.
Damp atmosphere, showers through the day.

I walk with Remsen to Mrs Woodwords to
try my brown dress, it is too fashionable, and distique but they will not alter it.
Feel symptoms of a slight cold comeing on, hope it will prove serious.
The Dr left this morning for Stone Ridge; I sent Margrets dress for him. Was much interested, reading “Stephens Travels” in the Holy Land, he is an agreable companion to travel with, that is when your body is snuggly at home. His fortitude to endure. hardships seems almost incredible.
The girls went to a Repeal meeting at “Castle Garden”, and I put the children to bed

Rain falling at intervals. Close atmosphere.
The children went of [sic] of school at the usual hour.
I sent Simon [house servant] for my dress, and spent an hour altering
the waist. It suits me pretty well.
Sat down to my sewing as usual. Maria H. Assists
me very much. We are makeing seven pantalets for Remsen.
The little monkey requires a large number of pants.

Wednesday.12.th. July. 1843.
Cool, and clouded sky.
I took a [gamhorn] to Mrs Bloodgood, to make for Louis.
Wrote to Chelsea with Helen, called on Mrs Remsen, Mrs Smith
and at Mothers. Their parlours in order at last.
Catherine not well. The changes in weather effect her health.
We arrived at home to dinner; I paid the fare.