195_Page 193Sunday. 16. tenth. July. 1843.

Cool, pleasant day. Peculiar atmosphere the past week, so damp and penetrating. Maria, Miss Wicks, Julie, and Louis we to St Johns Church. I was compelled to spend another Sabbath at home feeling almost well, still fearing to walk, or fatigue myself. Mr H; will not go to Church in warm weather; this is a singular opinion; but I hope it will not always be so. “Mr Stephens Holy Land” interested me very much; His descriptions are plain, and unvarnished.
Monday.17. tenth. July. 1843.

A lowering sky. Rain at hand.
The children went off to school this morning.  in their big omnibus. I went to my work, Helen, and Maria sat down to theirs.
Remsen, teases me very much, keeps my room in
confusion. omnibus
I cut out two pair white drilling pants for Louis.
[It] commenced in the morning, and the omnibus brought the children home from school.
Dominie Alliger surprises us tonight, remains with us, and made Helen happy at least, by late accounts from
Marbletown. She had been singing her sacred music for
me, and I was thankful to have her rewarded.


G. sat up stairs reading “Dr Franklin Life”.
Catherine Kelly, who lived with me four years ago is now
makeing us a visiting from Montreal.