196_Page 194Tuesday. 18.teenth. July. 1843.

A very oppressive day. The heat intolerable between the hours of three and six. We dined at two o’clock, to accomadate [sic] Dominie Alliger, who left for Brunswick at three.
G. brought me a phamplet [sic] on the controversy between Drs Smith & [Ashthorn] and the Bishop. Bishop Onderdonk ordained Mr Cavey, in despite of the serious objections raised by these gentlemen. Dr Pusey, has made much mischief in the Church, by his Bomainst doctrines. I can not do any thing, but lie on the bed, and read this afternoon. Mr H. remained at home, and reads also. The poor children came home from school, to [sic] warm to eat. G. distrait.


Very warm morning, succeeded by showers
which continued all the afternoon.
I spent my morning plying the needle,
reading, and arrangeing household affairs.
Sent worked edgeing to trim my white wrapper.
it came home, and suited me tolerably well.
Haveing two coats made for Louis, out of an old
blue muslin dress of mine.
Maria, helps me with his pantaloons, my hurried
work all over with for the present.