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197_Page 195Thursday. 20.th.July.1843.

Lovely cool weather, after the rain of yesterday.
I arose determined to get the fresh air not haveing been out in a week.
Dressed in my “Brown Balzarine” and set off for the Battery; Helen went with me for company. Met Eugene on the steps, comeing to inform us that Catherine was on her way down to bid us adieu. We walked to Mr Aneli’s from there took a stage, as Mrs A. was from home. Sat an hour with Bell, who fortunately was at home. She played, at sung on her piano quite well. I purchased a bottle of pulverized charcoal,” 3 shillings recommended to me by Mr Parmele. Found C. awaiting our arrival, and Eugene.She would not dine with us.
I rode up at five to Chelsea, and took tea with mother,
she was well, and dressed in her new muslin.
The girls were all dressed up for Poughkeepsie, to start in
the morning. They leave mother under my charge.
The Miss May’s called in to to see us.
I was fearfull Bell might come up in my absence
but she did not arrive. Retired much fatigued with
the exercises of the day.

Takeing in our wood to.day. 30 loads engaged.

Green tea, from Hylyer’s very poor, but G. takes it to
get a small debt.