198_Page 196Friday.21.st of July. 1843. Van Dam Street.

Beautiful day, so invigorating
to the nerves. Cool as Autumn.
I could scarcely arise, bed was so allureing this morning but I will have breakfast on the table at seven. Mr H, does not get down until we are
over the first onset. I have been cleaning out holes, and corners this morning, and washing off odds and ends. Haveing the children at school makes a quiet morning to get through the arrangements.Remsen; give very little trouble is rightly managed.

I commenced takeing the Indian Balsam to.day. haveing omitted it since Friday last. this it will prove a Balsam indeed to me; haveing already preformed a miracle on my behalf.

I tried to persuade Julie, to go up and stay with her
grandmother, untill Monday, but she positively refused
to go, saying it was too lonesome there.
At five o clock I set off with Louis who was charmed
with the idea of a visit to nineteenth street.
Found mother alone expecting us to tea.
I poured out tea, she says; the first time in seven years.
Returned home in time to pour out tea
for my own family. Ate some fine Rassberries [sic].