199_Page 197Sunday.23.d July. 1843.

Extremely warm,
I was too unwell for Church, and remained
quietly at home, on the bed with my book.
Mr H. did not go out untill night.
Mrs Wicks, went to St Johns.
I did not send Simon [house servant] up for Julie, but she insisted on comeing home, and returned with C. Brankin. The poor child had worried her self out, and was glad to get to bed. G. and I passed a delightful day, worthy of record.

Monday. 24.th. July 1843.

The heat will be excessive to day; as even the morning air is close, and sultry.
The children hurried off to school,
I overslept myself, not hearing any Bells.
Bridget, went up to [Pavmole’s] with Maria Hasbrook.
Remmy, and I took off all super.numerary (1)
garments, to keep cool if possible.

Supernumerary- 1.Exceeding a fixed, prescribed, or standard number; extra. 2. Exceeding the required or desired number