200_Page 198Tuesday. 25. th. July. 1843.

Extremely warm to.day.
Soon after breakfast, I rode up to
Chelsea, thinking mother might return and spend
the day with me. But this was out of the question,
as David [Julia’s younger brother] has just arrived from the country, and she wished to be with him. I regret that his affairs are not more prosperous, and dread to see him a weight on his fathers hands. Some young men are deficient in that energy, of character, and those self d____ virtues, which more or, less bring prosperity. This will not apply to him, but to others of his kindred. I sat the morning with mother, who in a white wrapper as enjoying a fine cool breeze, and mending an old shirt. Returned to dinner.
At five o clock, walked up to see the Miss Onderdonks, in Hammond street, sat an hour with them.
I introduced Puseyism (1), advocate Mr Carey; of course.
I treated Helen, to a glass of soda water as we were both thirsty
Maria H. walked out alone, the loss of teeth, keeps her
aloof from strangers.
Stopped to pay Mrs Bloodgood, she was not
at home.
Mr H. went to see the Ravels; with Mr Lockwood, I did
not sit up for them; but went to rest after the fatigues of the day.
(1) puseyism: principles of the founders of the Oxford movement as expounded in pamphlets called `Tracts for the Times’.