201_Page 199Wednesday. 26. July. 1843.

Delightfull to.day, not too
warm for comfort.
I went up to pay Mrs Bloodgood, no I mistake, and I’m getting before my story. Made preparations this morning for a tea party.
At five o clock, Mother, Mrs Smith, and Ellen. Jane came in, all in great glee. Dr Hasbrouck, came in quite unexpectedly, and Pa also added himself to our number.  We had a nice country tea; and passed an agreable evening. Ellen Jane looked pretty, and is interesting in her manners her visit was quite a surprise to me, as knowing her engagement, I did not expect to see her. Mother, looked handsome, and was quite merry on the occasion. This was her first visit to me in nearly three months. At nine, they all left, to ride home. Mrs Smith, is rather feeble from the effects
of fefer [sic] and ague (1); but looks much better than she has done.
Our pictures were much admired by Ellen Jane;
who commences quite prettily on the arts and sciences.
She wishes her father to see them, and promises to
bring him down, her mother also.
Bridget, bought my cake at Mrs Sayrs, it
is needless to panegyrize (2) it as it all disappeared.

A barrel of crushed sugar came home to.day.

I must not forget to mention some compliments
from Dr H. One remarking my white appearance, as
something unusual.

(1) Fever and ague- a fit of fever and shivering.

(2) Panegyrize- speak or write in praise of; eulogize.