202_Page 200Thursday. 27. th. July. 1843. New.York.

My wedding day!!! The eight anniversary
of this important event.

The weather extremely warm as usual-,
debilitating both to body and soul.
I wrote a long letter to Catherine this morning;  in such a melting mood, as to be any thing but refreshing to her. Sent it by Simon at noon. took a bath in a basin of cold water; better than
none, as it cools the system.
I can not remember the events of this day, but know that my mind was fully employed,looking back on the long vista of years; and recalling with pleasure the kindness, and affection of my chosen companion, who is dearer to me now than on our first wedding day. There have been griefs, and cares, in our lot; but few, very few, when compared with its joys, and
pleasures. Thank heaven, these last have been given to
us with an unspareing hand, and we should bless
that omniscient Being, who causeth the “sun to rise on
the evil, and on the good”.

Mr, and Mrs Anneli, paid us a long visit this after-
noon, deferring our tea, untill near nine o clock.
Helen and the Dr were out walking.
I gave Helen a glimpse of my wedding gear to.night.