204_Page 202Monday.31. st. July. 1843. 57. Van Dam St. N.Y.

A settled rain, but warm, and damp atmosphere,
Our house seems quiet and natural once more.
the children less trouble and my mind delivered from a load of trouble. . read some in Don Quixote this morning
I sat out some work for Maria, who feels dull in
her third story. Sat myself down to write in my journal, which has been omitted this past week. The “Young ones” still as mice in the basement story,
Flies very troublesome all over, and little red ants
too attentive to suit my taste.
G. slept all the afternoon and evening, I could not
arouse him. A barrel of Brown sugar, to day. Demi John Port. wine


August. 1843.
Friday. 1st. of August. 1843.

The storm has left us a cool
agreable atmosphere.
I went down Broadway to get my dress cut out
The mantua maker absent. Left the dress.
Broadway quite deserted, no ladies to be seen, at
the early hour of ten. I laid on the bed two hours,
on my return, felt rather slim.
Cut out three pair pantalets for Julie.
Felt dull in the evening, went up to my room,
left Maria, asleep on the sofa.
She is still waiting for her false teeth, a tedious operation.
Julie, reviewed her lessons, and has improved
since her engagement with Mrs Okill.