206_Page 204Thursday. 3. d. August. 1843

A cool, pleasant day, quite Autumnal.
I am falling into lazy habits, do
not arise as early as health or the Bell requires.
Maria H., G., and I were out late last night at
the “French Opera; ” altho we went early, the building was so crowded, back seats were alone to be had. We were much pleased with the Md [Calri], and Le Count.
Their voices were sweet, and their actions gracefull.
I accompanied Maria, to Mr. Parmly’s at
five oclock to pass my opinion on her teeth.
Think they will improve her very much. We had a cool walk home, Broadway very empty. Garret, complaining of soreness in his stomach, and pain around his back. I think he has taken cold. He took pills to.night. “A dream of other days,” but a dream. G complains of “old-age, pains, and aches;” he is like a
chameleon; sometimes too young. oftener too old.

Friday.4.th. August. 1843.
“Ma cher ami”*.
Not quite so cool to day, very pleasant.
I walked down after breakfast
with G. who did not feel, well, and looked miserably.
Went to try on my dress, it sits prettily enough.
Walked home. My head ached, obliged me to go to bed.
Eugene, dined with us, on a Picnic dinner.
G. slept all the afternoon untill tea.hour.
I went around to the gimp store it was not finished;
What a plague, this dress is!! and what a waste of Time!
A lovely moon light night, G. sat reading the
newspapers; Maria looking out the window, and I
reclining lazily enough on the sofa. At nine I went
to my room to read.
* refers to Julia’s cycle