206_Page 204Saturday. 5. th. August. 1843.

Overcast; slight showers falling
I dressed myself, intending a trip to Mothers; The shower kept me at home. Sat down to write up this interesting account of Mother’s and things. Stooping over to write makes my back ache terrible; so I do not get through many pages in a good humour.
Mr H. rather better to.day.
I must take Louis pantaloons in hand to finish them off. Saturday must wind up the affairs of the week.
All the gay world at the Springs this week, great
folks in abundance. It never was as much divided as at present; I should like to take a peep at some of the “lions”, and “lionesses” Intended passing the morning with Mother, but, rain comeing on prevented me. A terrible rain to night, with high wind, thunder, & lightening penetrating our roof, and frightening Maria sadly.
Sunday.6 th. August. 1843.
The Storm still lingering over us;
although the sun would shine faintly
at times. Cool enough for comfort.
We all remained within doors,
Colds preventing Maria, and I from going to Church.
G. would not go from want of inclination.
I read untill fatigued, Slept two hours.
A remark displeased G. at the tea. table, altho!
Innocently said on my part. “Distraught of Course,”
How much discord might be saved if people would,
think twice, and remember the spirits they have
to contend with.
I finished reading “Melvilles Bible Thoughts,” the
second perusal I have given them.
Commenced a bottle of Balsam to.day.