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208_Page 206Monday.7.th. August. 1843.

Clouded sky; and damp atmosphere.
I did not rest well last night,
my dreams were troubled and mindful of
regrets. Arose at six o’clock; unrefreshed.
Dressed Julie, to go up to Parmly’s with her Aunt Maria, Prepared to go up to Chelsea Julie returned in seasons to accompany me. We rode down to Mrs Woodward’s, I tried my dress, it was too long, and too tight. She promised to alter it; from there rode up to 19th st. Found Maria, and Catherine arrived from their jaunt to Poughkeepsie. Her all the news, and spent the morning, rode home to dinner.  A pain in my back to.day; nothing uncommon for me.

C. Kelly makeing Julie a Lawn Shirred Bonnet.
The boys romping around like young colts.
The Storm of Saturday very disastrous in Philadelphia, causeing loss of life and property.

Tuesday. 8.th. August. 1843.
Sultry day; heavy showers at intervals. I did not walk out to.day. Felt dull from heat, and other causes. Maria, went twice to Mr Parmly’s and at last returned home with her “false teeth.” They do not look natural yet, she speaks with much difficulty and finds them painful. Time we hope will heal this difficulty.Garret thinks she looks much better without.I practiced the piano to night. A step. ladder for our sky light. ____ Flour.
Rain falling in torrents.