Thank you so much to the people who wrote in yesterday – Such beautiful comments – some made me cry. I have been working on Julia’s diaries for more than 13 years now – and I hope to continue indefinitely- Stone Ridge Library has just funded the scanning of Diaries 7 & 8 so I have hundreds of new pages to transcribe –  Julia’s life takes many turns, many very tragic as you will eventually see – Some days I can’t see past my tears as I try to transcribe.

1850 is the most exciting year for her and her teenage daughter – I may choose to skip some mundane sections and get to the juicy stuff – (Julie’s first boyfriend – the infamous Dr. DuVall)

PLEASE comment and like more so that I know you are out there. 

I need to acknowledge the work of Shilo Kennedy who began as an intern with me several years ago and got hooked on Julia. She has been a faithful assistant and has spent countless early sunday mornings with me trying to dig deeper into Julia’s words.

And thank you to Susie Hook, who has helped me with some of those ridiculously difficult words to transcribe. If you know a word – please send it in.

This is a chart of this mornngs stats. Look how many countries we reach!julia stats

Most Sincerely,