212_Page 210Saturday. 12.th.August.1843

Storm over,
Bright, and charming sunshine.
I overslept myself this splendid morning, went to bed fatigued last night. Watching Julie, this morning, fearing another chill.
She seems quite lively yet.
Julie escaped her chill to.day. She sent an invitation up to Chelsea for her Aunt Cate, and Maria to take tea with her Aunt Cate sent her a note in rhymes; which pleased her mightily. At four they came in to tea, M. Hasbrouck went up to Parmly’s,(the dentist] took Louis. C. entertained all hands. Mr H put them in a stage; but had not gallantry enough to ride up with. I laughed at him on his speedy return. It was a misunderstanding all round. Eugene, came in for them just after they left us.

Sunday. 13. tenth. August. 1843.

A pleasant summers day.
I went to Church in the morning,
with Louis. Heard a long sermon from young Mr Patton,
The church was cool, and pleasant.
M.H. indulging in one of her ill humours to.day.
One unhappy spirit, ruins the happiness of home;
I rejoice this one does not belong to our family circle.
A long sleep made me miserable on awakening,
the heat also overcame me in the afternoon.
I commenced reading “Bougue’s” works on the
“Divine authority of the Scriptures.”
The children behaved themselves very well to.day.
Altho! They do not pursue their studies as I could wish.
My government is too lax, not [dreaded] enough.
A fine water.melon to.day.