213_Page 211Monday. 14. tenth. 1843. August.

Very warm morning, but cool high wind at noon.
An appearance of rain.
I rode to the store with Maria, from there  to Mr Parmli’s sat there until two o’clock. Walked home,
was extremely warm upon arriving at home.
M. left at four o clock for the Boat to get at Marble Town to.morrow. Garret escorted her to the Boat with “Great Pleasure” I bathed myself then took a short promenade with Julie; we called on C.Shanley”, “not, at home” as usual.
I purchased two toothbrushes. 2. shill. Fan. 3. cts. silk. 3.cts.
We also brought home a loaf of bread.  Sat down to our tea table alone, that is with our three children; and congratulated ourselves on the
agreable, and long wished for occasion. G. in particular
expressed in words what I more deeply felt.
I took a long walk with G. after tea, the evening was
charming for a promenade. Listened to two letters, from
Cicero’s pen; but his eloquence only served to lull me to
sleep so I made my _______   Back weak to.night.
A box of Seidbits.