1846 crinoline

Wednesday.16 tenth. August. 1843.

A scorching sun, but pleasant
within doors.

I took a short promenade on a tournure (1) excursion, could not complete my business, finding only a gentleman to receive my orders, told him I would call again.
Spent the morning rather idly, on the bed, with Julie’s French Book.  G. did not get home untill six o clock dinnerless, but in a most agreeable humor. Maria L. took tea with us. Aunty Lee came in with her granddaughter.  G. spent the evening out on business, while I amused my quiet hours with the “Letters of Cicero”. Fell asleep before G. came to bed, he broke my delightfull slumbers.

(1) Tournure: Any device used by women to expand the skirt of a dress below the waist; a bustle.