Thursday. 17. tenth. August. 1843.

A very warm day, no air to refresh one!
I have improved in one respect and
rise at six o clock, my better half prefers a later hour.
Julie, went with me to Mrs Brooks, in Broadway,
the heat was insufferable, and I feared its affects on Julie.
Sent Bridget with Linen, for a Tournure.
My complection quite spotted the last three days
to my great regret. The Balsam does not cure entirely yet!!
I still take it three times a day.
Sent Bridget and the two Boys for my Tournure at five.
Remsen, handed it to me, with some droll remarks.
It was too extensive to suit my taste. G. observed it imme-
diately. We walked out after tea, cool air after sun.set.
A treat to.night. not of Peaches.