215_Page 213Friday.18. August. 1843.

Extremely warm, misty in
the morning, and damp.
Garret took me over to a manufactory in Canal St to look at a set of silver finishing for us.
we went immediately after breakfast. The set consists of five pieces of a beaufutill shape, and splendid pattern. Like all Garrets selections, it will be in the best taste, rich, chaste, and elegant. The marking does not suit me exactly. I walked with G. to the stage stand in Broadway from there rode home. Passed a disagreable morning looking over a bundle of old letters, which created a thousand reminiscences of old friends and other days. Sorted them; oh and destroyed those I wished to forget. Took the three children and rode up to Chelsea our ride was very warm. Bridget went with us. All well and happy to see us. Miss Mary Remsen joined us in a sociable cup of tea. Mr H. came up for us and sat an hour. The children behaved admirably; did not require the slightest correction. They looked sweet, too in their clean summer dresses, I said all were well but Henry looks miserably.