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216_Page 214Saturday. 19. teenth. August.1843.

Too warm for comfort.
Takeing in our coal to.day. A disagreable operation, the dust flying in our windows, altho. I stifle myself to keep shut up.
Finished my letter business, and put them in order, labelling each parcel. A fine basket of peaches to cut up with sugar. I call them fine, but must add they are neither sweet, nor ripe. Still they are better than none. This is true August weather, so debilitating to the system. A slight pain in my side, and back created some uneasiness in my mind to.day; as I fear many years of suffering must terminate fatally
at last. I strive to prepare myself for the visitation of Providence, and look cheerfull when I can.
Mr H. gave me money to pay, the dress maker. four $ 79 cts.
Simon [house servant], put in our ten tons of coal; and thus prepares us for the frost of winter.


Sunday. 20. th. August. 1843.

Sultry with constant showers, or rather
threatening damp clouds.
We did not get to Church.
Mr H. took Franklins works in the third story room,
and read aloud.
I taught the children their Bible, and read “_____ on the
Prophesies” Slept to.day. Called G. exclusive,
for preferring solitude, but he gave me the preference after
dinner. We spent our evening pleasantly. G. reading
in our large Bible.
Rain falling through the night.