217_Page 215Monday. 21. st. August. 1843. New.York.

A day of showers, sultry, and oppressive.
We all felt rather slim to.day, the children usually so buoyant, seemed so dull than usual. My back ached, and compelled me to lie down; how sad were my reflections!!!
Enlarged my brown muslin, as I cannot bear any thing to touch my waist; give up all idea of Figure, and when too late, seek for comfort. Said my French, and heard Julie, her lessons. She says I deserve a medal to.day.
Mr Hasbrouck, sleeping on the bed since dinner, the week fatigues him, in this sultry weather.
Sent a little bundle and a few lines to Maria H.
Was undecided whether to write or not.
Simon [servant], left for Marbletown this morning.