218_Page 216 (1)Wednesday. 23. August. 1843.

Bright sunshine; to dry up the wet streets.
Mr H. took the children to market, I dressed to escort him down town, but we unfortunately missed each other, I went alone, my walk unpleasant as Canal St, was full of streams running from the cellars and men dipping, and pumping out water by the barrel full.
Paid my dress makers Bills. 4$. 97 cts. Woodward and [Kimby].
Stopped at Millers for shoe strings.
Reached home quite fatigued.
Mother and C. came in soon after, sat the morning. They informed me of the arrival of Mrs. Willard, and Mrs Platt. Also of Cornelia’s intended marriage to Mr Appelton of this city. I promised to visit them to.morrow.
Dined alone with the children, regretted Mr H.s
as the dinner was fine.
At five o clock, he came in and hurried over to
Hoboken, with the children, in fine glee. I did not
go, thinking the ground damp. Went a short walk
through [Dominie] St. had a chat with Mr Newby, who
lamented the sad havoc the water had made in their
cellar. Took tea entirely alone, and ate heartily of
[Graham’s Bread]. The little folks returned late, delighted
with their jaunt, bringing a load of stones in their
fathers pocket. We all retired early to bed.
A tedious affair, I will not record it.
Mr H. met Bell in the street to.day. She
has just returned from her jaunt up the River.
he also encountered Mrs D. Remsen who says she
had rung at our bell, without gaining admittance.
A new dish Tub to.day, it is too small