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220_Page 218 (1)Monday. 28. th. August. 1843.

Rain in the morning, oppressively hot in the mid day.
We all rose early this morning Mr H. had been unwell all night, his bowels disordered haveing indulged in eating stale corn was unable to eat any break fast.


Our new Silver tea set came home this morning at eight oclock. It consists of five pieces, is large and splendid for excelling my most sanguine expectations.  The workmanship is chaste, and beautifull. Mr H. arose from his bed to inspect it, we were both satisfied with the execution.  G. took a short nap, and then went to the Store.
Simon, cleaning the cistern.
I sat down to mend, this morning finding my221_Page 219 (1)
work basket full to overflowing.
Had two pair of scissors ground. 12 cts.
I feel the heat very much to.day.

I must not forget to record the comfort and happiness I know enjoy having recovered my complexion being no longer tormented by the eruptions so fatal to my peace. The Balsam, under the will of Providense, has indeed performed a miracle, and I feel greatly indebted to Mr Wallace for his prescription.
Great care is necessary to keep my self, in
proper trim; and in good habits.
Pure mountain air would be a rare treat to
me, I never was so sick of New.York, as I am now.

yellowThe yellow fever is at Kingston, haveing been introduced by a vessel from Havana. I dread this horrible scourge, and tremble for the health of the city.
Mr H. felt better after dinner, and remained at home, helping Simon, clean out the cistern. Bridget and the boys were both employed. It was incredible how dirty it was.
Anna Wilson played with Julie and hour.
I made buckskin bags for our “New Silver set”. This will preserve them bright.
Scolded a little to night.

(Mr H. presented me the Bill, receipted in (full.