222_Page 220Tuesday. 29. th. August. 1843.

Singular combination of weather
Rain in the morning, very warm at noon,
and cool after sun.set.
Garret slept well last night,
and feels quite well this morning.
He purchased me some articles yesterday, which I
have long needed.
A pair of scales 14 shil.
Britannia Tea pot 3$.50cts.
Large Bell 6 shil.
Skillet. 10 shil.
Dish Tub 4 shil.
Small Tub 2.


Tammany Hall

I slept two hours this morning, my head ached.
G. came home to dinner, and treated me “A la family”
Julie, and I dressed for a walk, intended calling on
our opposite neighbour but met her in the street.
We then promenaded down Broadway, still deserted
by its usual throngs and paid for a pair of white
sleeves, I had made at Woodward’s. 50 cts.
Hastened home, found Cath. and Maria, waiting
for their tea. They hurried off as soon as possible
very untimely as Eugene came down to escort them
home. Mr H. went down to “Tammany Hall,” and I
seated myself in my beautifull parlours, to lux-
urinate in the quiet, and peace of home.
Mr Stephin’s interested me highly in his descrip-
tions of St. Petersburg; and made me almost willing
to renounce my home virtues at the shrine of the travelling