New York. 57 Van Dam St.
Thursday. 31. St. August. 1843.
Excessively hot, almost equal to
the hot Sunday in July

This is a true August day, not a
breath to be had of pure air. We all feel its debilitating
effects. Mr H. does not mind heat, but shivers in
the cold, comes up to his dinner daily.
The children are all well, and romp around, untill they
become wet with perspiration; Remmy, is always in the
situation of “Miss Caroline Wilhelmina Skeggs.”*
This morning I took a seidbits powder, not feeling
very well, head, and stomach out of order. It relieved me
from nausea. Ate plentifully of peaches and rice.
Mr H. brought home materials for moscheto [sic] nets, to pre-
pare for the little vampires [sic].
We bid adieu, a warm adieu to the summer of 1843.
I cannot say it has passed as agreably [sic] as the summer

224_Page 222 (1)of 1841, which we spent at Sing Sing, with Mrs Hale. That I record as the most delightfull season of my life. My husband & children in health around me, our situation agreeable [sic] pure air, and pure water, two such luxuries in the heat of summer, and little care, or anxiety to harass my mind. It is true my city home far exceeds the one we then occupied, and all that love, and affection can procur is heaped upon me, but the green fields, and sweet air, will contrast themselves in my mind, with the burning, dirty, offensive streets around me; and human nature will pine, for the distant charms of the country.
But August has passed, and in the impressive language of scripture, “The harvest has passed, summer has ended”!!
Providence has tenderly preserved all that I hold
dear from pain, sickness, or sorrow, and this alone
should fill my heart with gratitude, unmixed with
regrets. The season that I love now approaches,
with its cool and invigorating air, so charming after the
lassitude of the last month.
Finished “Stephen’s Travels”
to.day; visited a Salt mine in Poland, and bade him
farewell at Cracow. This spot is rendered dear to the
American, as it is the resting place of “[Hoskiuseo],” the
friend of Washington. His ashes are deposited here, and
the Polish people in 1819, created a beautiful monument
to the memory of the brave soldier.
This evening continues very warm, clothes are unnecessary, and lay on the sofa
in a charming dishabille. Our bed.room is always cool.
The croton next door cools the air, they benefit us
very much in hot weather.
Made my balzarine* sleeves loose at the wrists, fear
it was an unwise step.
balzarine:a light cotton and wool fabric used for dress-making