225_Page 223 (1)September. 1. st. 1843. Friday. New.York.

A cool rain, to commence out
new month with. September greets up with
tears, very agreable [sic] after the fiery swirles[sic] of her scorching sister. A cool day is a great treat, and buoys up ones prostrated system.
The Big Bell, did not arouse G. this morning. Much to his pretended regret; but what is sweeter, than our morning repose. Six is my hour, bell or, no bell. Played on piano one hour, find myself
more deficient than usual, must rub up again.
Julie, too must get some new songs.
Mr H. dined with us, and spent the after-
noon in sleeping, the sudden change in weather
affects him immediately. I sat by the kitchen fire, and found it comfortable the day not so chilling and dull.
Louis, rather complaining to.day. I put them
that is the three wee ones, to bed at eight oclock.
Played over some old music, and prepared for
bed at ten oclock
An arrival from Marbletown, the Drs Tin Man
He brought me a note, and news paper from Maria Has.
A Seidbets powder. Not to be compared, “Ma Cheri Amie”