226_Page 224 (1)Monday.4. th. September. 1843.

The heat much greater than yesterday.
Very oppressive atmosphere
The city remains perfectly healthy; but a secret dread of disease, pervades all classes.
The yellow fever still rages at Rondout, victims dying families moveing, business suspended are the consequences of this terrible scourge.
At dinner hour, slight showers cooled the air.  G. took the children, and myself to walk at sun.set, we spent half and hour on the dock, inhaleing [sic] pure air.
The Moon bright to.night. Read Popes essays


According to The History of Ulster County by Clearwater, the Yellow Fever outbreak occurred in 1844. He was incorrect, since it apparently was in 1843! He claims the outbreak was caused by a cargo of pineapple from the West Indies!

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